When you carrying Bison Made leather goods in your pocket, you might find yourself telling people, “I have many leather bound books”, and “My pocket smells of rich mahogany.” Don’t worry these side effects are only natural when carrying handcrafted Bison Made goods. Every product is constructed of only the highest quality leathers, each chosen for their rich luster and natural strength. With regular use and proper care, you’ll find Bison products only get better with age – because they really are designed for life. Proudly designed, sourced and handcrafted in the USA.


Made in Texas, the new Mac Pro it is setting the bar in the world of technology, creating jobs in the USA, and being an example in domestic manufacturing to those who forgot how great America is at building goods domestically. Manufacturing in the USA is how Apple began, and as a HUGE Apple fan I am excited to say they are back. The new Mac Pro is a computer unlike any they have ever created. To build it, Apple has pioneered a new processes, innovated manufacturing techniques, and essentially rethought how to make a computer. This is the story of how it all comes together.


MADE WELL. MADE HONEST. MADE HERE - Cobra Rock Boot Company is a workshop + store in Marfa, Texas owned and operated by Logan Caldbeck and Colt Miller. Our boots are handmade in West Texas, the same way small-shop cowboy boot makers have been making boots for over a century. They are hand-lasted, hand-welted, and made with American full-grain leather. Due to the small-batch handmade process, there is a wait-list for our boots.  Visit the Store page to see the boot styles and get on our wait-list.


Meet COBURN Junior, an elegant iPhone stand for the minimalist. The objective behind The COBURN Junior was simple: design a compact, versatile, and beautiful iPhone stand. Focusing to create a minimal, clean look with an organic material that compliments the refined feel of the iPhone. COBURN JR. is built using locally sourced, strong hardwoods, giving you the option to have yours made from walnut, or cherry. They are made right here in the Rocky Mountains so go support your country, support small start ups, support Fine Grain and order yours here!


The revival of American excellence is underway in Faribault, Minnesota. The oldest manufacturing entity in the state of Minnesota dating back to 1865 is again open for business. The Faribault Woolen Mill’s tremendous history and longevity is unmatched by most in the textile business. Their success has always been rooted in the company’s commitment to quality and durability. And as they move forward, their focus will not waiver one bit. However, they recognize that in today’s highly dynamic and competitive international marketplace, the ability to meet our customers’ expanding expectations for exceptional service, value and unique product design is absolutely critical. Their fully vertically-integrated processing at the Mill ensures the ability to be a viable domestic supplier for large and small customers alike.


At Wheelhaus, they believe in living large with less. Their goal is to consistently provide efficient and convenient luxury, while maintaining the highest standards of sustainable building and innovative design. With convenience and efficiency in mind, they provide a quick purchasing process. Additionally, the Rolling Cabins are easily transportable and take 2-5 days to set-up and hook up to utilities. We make it easy for you to start living in your Wheelhaus. Founder and CEO, Jamie Mackay, was raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His father worked in log cabin construction, which instilled in Jamie at a young age the value of quality construction that is built to last. Jamie’s original intention was to buy a Recreational Park Trailer. Touring multiple companies, he realized that nothing was being produced that met his high standards. With this experience as his impetus he set out to create the next generation of Recreational Park Trailers. His intention was to provide the same quality and durability as the log cabins he grew up with, while incorporating his values of green production and modern design. The finished result is Wheelhaus. The Rolling Cabins are a blend of rustic and modern. At the core, they are inspired by the durability and quality craftsmanship of log cabins. Wheelhaus blends these classic ideals with a modern focus on energy efficiency, innovative design, progressive space management, sustainable building practices and top of the line building materials. These methods help Wheelhaus to exceed the requirements for the Gold standard with the U.S. Green Building Council.


The Americanization of James Bond has arrived.  The Gibbs Quadski, a personal land and water craft that can just about go anywhere. It reaches speeds of 45mph on both water and land and transitions between them in seconds. At the press of a button the Quadski’s wheels deploy when approaching land and retract after entering the water.  Previously, no commercially available amphibian has been able to exceed 10 mph on water. The difference is the breakthrough GIBBS patented technology provides unique on-water performance. Unmatched freedom on water AND land, and rapid in transition – Quadski sets a new standard in flexibility, freedom and fun for personal watercraft.


Capital is an independent eyeglass design and manufacturing studio. All their glasses are handmade in San Francisco, California by quality craftsmen with outstanding attention to detail. They are built on the belief that eyewear which protects and enhances your precious sight should be made to the highest standards in the most responsible way possible. Most eyeglasses are manufactured by enormous corporations mass producing all of their frames. Capital Eyewear prides themselves on the ability to create eyewear that is less of a commodity and more of an artwork while maintaing the highest level of quality. To do this, they’ve developed unique low run methods for handmade eyewear production in their private California studio. This allows them to give outstanding support to their customers while maintaining total control over style, design and the materials we use. Building your own workshop is not the easiest way to make glasses, but for them, it’s the best way. They don’t make just another pair of glasses. They make a functional work of art that represents an honest connection between you and the people who made it.


Have you wondered what is the best flashlight you can buy that will last you for years to come? Well, here is your answer. This video recounts how the SUREFIRE president and founder, Dr. John Matthews, led the way in creating the first commercially available laser sights, brutally tough weapon-mounted white lights, and the world’s first compact high-intensity flashlights—among many other tactical products. Each one built to enhance the performance and safety of those who go in harm’s way. This is their story. To see SureFire’s product line, visit HERE.


If founder Elon Musk is right, (I THINK HE IS) Tesla Motors just might reinvent the American auto industry—with specialized robots building slick electric cars in a factory straight from the future. That’s where the battery-powered Model S is born. Watch PART 2 Below.